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4 Things I Love About Blogging

By On March 6, 2015

Three years ago this week I bought my domain, created a WordPress(.com) blog and wrote my first post. I’ve certainly come a long way from then (seriously, please don’t look at my… Read More

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Flowers & Diamonds

By On March 5, 2015

You know that saying, “I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck”? Well, I’m one of those people who believes you can have both. While I am definitely… Read More

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Under $15 Beauty Buys

By On March 4, 2015

When it comes to beauty, I am totally fine with splurging. But I don’t always have the cash and I think we’ve all been in an emergency situation where the only option… Read More

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Shopbop: Top Picks + Major Sale Alert

By On March 3, 2015

Yaaaayyyyy! Shopbop is having a sale! Shopbop is one of the first stores I go to when I need some retail therapy. They have so many different options at any price range… Read More

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A Weekend with the Bestie

By On March 2, 2015

This weekend, my best friend of almost 15 years came to visit Johnny and me with her perfect little family. She was my first friend when I moved to Florida before we… Read More

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Friday Favorites: Handcrafted Jewelry

By On February 27, 2015

As I was prepping for my trip to Hawaii, I had a few very special jewelry pieces made specifically for the trip. One of them said #TRAVELLUSH, another had Kauai’s coordinates on… Read More

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Home Decor

Spring Dreaming

By On February 26, 2015

It’s no secret that I loathe the cold. I’ve said before that I literally avoid going outside at all costs when the weather is below 50. I just can’t handle it. So… Read More

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Blog Talk

Blog Talk: Filing Taxes as a Blogger

By On February 25, 2015

When it comes to finances as a blogger, things get super complicated and tricky, especially as you begin to earn more income from blogging. Mo money, mo problems, right? In fact, more… Read More

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Where to Stay in Kauai, Hawaii

By On February 24, 2015

When I went to Kauai at the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to stay in three different places during our eight night Hawaii vacation. All three were very different.… Read More

$300 Anthropologie Giveaway

$300 Anthropologie Giveaway

By On February 23, 2015

When it comes to favorite brands, Anthropologie and Free People (which are both brands owned by URBN) are at the top of my list. Throughout college, Free People was my absolute go-to.… Read More

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